I spent the day in the hospital today, but for once I was not the patient. I don't want to seem unkind, but it was my husband who was the patient.

Woody was thrown from a taxicab last Friday in New York City, and broke his ankle in several places.

A surgeon used a plate to stabilize the ankle and seven screws. Of course, three of the screws are loose, because I have always said that Woody has a few loose screws (yuk, yuk)!

Right now, he is resting in bed. He has about five more hours before the anesthesia wears off. Hoping it won't be a horror show, but you never know.  I am feeling incredibly well myself, so I am up to the task of taking care of him. Woody has certainly done his share of playing nurse to me, so I do feel good about giving back.

My weekend will be filled trying to be Florence Nightingale and not Nurse Ratched. I'll let you know how it goes next week.

Hope everyone has Monday off.

Happy President's Day!