Sex Rehab: Hollywood's New Addiction

Jesse James, Tiger Woods, David Duchovny, Eric Benet, Michael Douglas and ESPN's Steve Phillips all have something in common. True, they are all millionaires that somehow managed to land women who are clearly superior in both beauty and class - but the tie that binds this group of celebrities is their compulsion for sex with otherwomen.

It seems there's a new disease running rampant through Hollywood called sex addiction ... wow, I must have missed thatone in medical school. And Jesse James is the latest patient to check himself into sex rehab because his disease made him unable to stop himself from carrying out illicit affairs with women behind his unsuspecting wife's back. C'mon people, give me a break!

Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Whatever happened to the sacred vows of marriage?

I am just sick and tired of all these men who get caught with their pants down - literally! With gross evidence of misconduct when it comes to their marriage, running to their therapist and claiming, my addiction made me do it! We have to stop making excuses for dumb behavior! Now I know many psychiatrists are going to disagree with me, but I don't care. As far as I'm concerned if you had a logical approach to meeting and committing to someone you love, that same logic should keep you from committing sin.

God knew man was weak, which is why he clearly made one of the commandments, "thou shall not commit adultery." So let's stop talking about sex addiction as a new disease, when in reality, we all have the choice to remain faithful to the one we have chosen to spend the rest of our life with.