Second Michigan mom in court over refusal to vaccinate child

A second Michigan mother appeared before a judge on Monday over her refusal to vaccinate her child despite the father’s wishes. Lori Matheson, whose child was not identified, claimed that she read some vaccines use aborted fetal cells, which violates her religious beliefs, Fox 2 Detroit reported.

“I started reading literature on vaccinations,” Matheson told Oakland County Judge Karen McDonald. “When I started reading them that’s when I found out there are some vaccinations that are cultured in aborted fetal cells.”


However, a local pediatrician told Fox 2 Detroit that vaccines are not made from aborted fetuses.

Matheson also argued that her child has a family history of autoimmune disorders that may be accelerated by the vaccines, the news outlet reported.

“There’s always been a concern if there’s a family history or if a child has an auto immune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis if getting vaccines could somehow make that worse,” Beaumont pediatrician, Dr. Daniel Schnaar, who is not involved in the case, told Fox 2 Detroit. “The present evidence would be that it does not.”

Last week, McDonald sentenced another mother to five days in jail over her refusal to vaccinate her 9-year-old son. On Monday, she told Matheson to present a medical professional that could testify in court before making a decision. The case was adjourned until Thursday, Fox 2 Detroit reported.