Mom jailed over refusal to vaccinate son reportedly released

The Michigan mother who was jailed over her refusal to vaccinate her 9-year-old son was reportedly released after serving five days behind bars. Rebecca Bredow was released on Monday, reported, citing the Oakland County Jail website.  

Bredow was jailed last week for failing to comply with a court order to get her son vaccinated within a one-week deadline, after a judge sided with the boy's father. 

“I stand here today scared and vulnerable, begging the court to understand that I’m not a lazy parent,” Bredow said at her sentencing. “I’m a passionate mother who cares deeply about my children, their health and their well-being.”


Bredow had cited personal beliefs and said she signed waivers in compliance with the state regarding her son's vaccinations. 

The case made headlines after the woman's ex-husband took her to court claiming that they had agreed at the time of their son's birth that he would receive vaccines at a later date, but that now Bredow was failing to follow through on the agreement. Judge Karen McDonald sided with the boy’s father, citing parental rights.

“I understand that you love your children, but what I don’t think you understand is that your son has two parents, and dad gets a say,” McDonald said.

The boy’s father was granted temporary custody and their son was vaccinated while Bredow was in jail, reported. Before her sentencing Bredow had told local news outlets that she would rather go to jail than be forced to vaccinate her son.