Report: Man Dies After Sunlight Triggers Cardiac Arrest

A Russian man was found dead in his apartment after suffering cardiac arrest triggered by a rare skin condition that made him allergic to sunlight, reported.

The 45-year-old welder has been identified only as Yefim A. A forensic exam concluded that photocontact dermatitis, which results from exposure to hot sunlight, caused his cardiac arrest.

Reactions can occur in patients with photocontact dermatitis when they are exposed to the sun after coming in contact with certain chemicals found in some fragrances and creams, and also chemicals in chlorine, said on its website. Certain foods, like celery and lime juice, can also trigger a reaction. Symptoms can include a red rash, blisters and itchy or burning skin.

People with photocontact dermatitis can best protect themselves by wearing sunscreen or covering their skin with clothes. In severe cases, corticosteroids may be necessary. If an afflicted person has already experienced a photocontact reaction, corticosteroids and antihistamines can be used to treat the symptoms.

"Most likely, he went outside for a while and did not protect his skin against sunlight," a police officer said.

According to the forensic report, Yefim’s condition had become more severe from exposure to radiation years ago. Additionally, every man in Yefim’s family apparently suffers from photocontact dermatitis.

While photocontact dermatitis is a manageable disease, it can become deadly under extreme circumstances if left untreated.

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