Quick tips to turn your unhealthy home into a healthy one

Your home is a place to show off your sense of style – but it can also have a profound effect on your health and happiness.

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, a designer and founder of ApartmentTherapy.com, shared some tips on how to rid your place of common ‘unhealthy’ elements.

“Your home is an extension of your body,” Gillingham-Ryan explained.  “In fact, it’s the only space you really control because the street, your office – none of that is really your own.”

According to Gillingham-Ryan, clutter is a common problem that can stress you out and overstimulate your eyes.

“What’s going on in the room is what you take inside,” Gillingham-Ryan said.  “So if it’s cluttered and disorganized in the room, you’re going to feel cluttered and inside yourself.”

If furniture is getting in your way, or impossible to clean, you may need to re-think the arrangement of the room, he said.

Lack of color can also bring down your mood.  If a room is full of neutrals, Gillingham-Ryan recommended adding a pop of color.  Only 20 percent more color in a room can make a huge difference.

“Some people love color and they want to put it everywhere,” Gillingham-Ryan said.  “For them, I urge to pull back a little bit.  A little bit goes a long way.”

Overall, it only takes a few minutes to turn an unhealthy space into a healthy space.  Spend a few minutes cleaning each day, and designate areas like shelves or bins to store your belongings.  As a final note, Gillingham-Ryan suggested putting an air-purifier in your bedroom to improve breathing conditions.

For more space changing ideas, log onto apartmenttherapy.com.