Parents of disabled daughter consider divorce to qualify for Medicaid, report says

A Texas couple said they are considering getting divorced so that they can qualify for better health care coverage to help pay for the needs of their disabled 6-year-old daughter.

Maria and Jake Grey, whose daughter Brighton was born with a rare chromosomal disorder called Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, said they spend up to $15,000 per year out of pocket on her care, reported.

“I used to get anxiety just opening the mail because I was scared of what would come or what bill would come or what denial would come,” Maria Grey told, adding that a divorce would allow her to qualify for Medicaid.


The Greys, who have been married for nine years, said that Jake’s $40,000 income as an Army veteran disqualifies them for Medicaid, and that 30 percent of their collective income now goes toward Brighton’s care. They also told the news outlet that they are on the waiting list for state assistance, but that their number is 59,979.

Brighton’s needs require 24/7 care, in addition to the needs of their 2-year-old daughter Fairen.

“We’ve just struggled and struggled with it and now we’ve gotten to the point, where we feel it’s a real possibility,” Jake Grey told

“For someone to make you choose between your marriage and your child is just — it’s a really weird spot to be in.”