No-fail strategies to eating right

Do you have healthy foods or drinks that you just don’t enjoy? Personally, I can’t seem to work up an appetite for baby carrots, almonds, and—though I hate to admit it—plain ol’ water.

I know each of these items have their good-for-me benefits so I decided to give them another go—but this time, serve them with a twist to see if that helped me like them more.  Surprisingly, it did.

A good reason to munch on carrots? They are a good source of Vitamin A, which makes for healthy skin, better eyesight and a more efficient immune system. And because they’re bite-sized, baby carrots are easy to incorporate into your diet; I just wish I liked them! I chalked my distaste for the bite-sized veggies to chronic bad luck when picking out a bag at the store. I always end up with a stash that’s either dried out or sopping wet, both of which don’t exactly make them enticing to eat. Because I like to snack on some sort of veggie to tide me over while I make dinner, it seemed like a simple way to give carrots another go. Instead of buying the baby variety, I bought a bag of pre-sliced, waffle-cut carrots. It sounds silly, but a change in shape made all the difference. In fact, I devoured a half a bag while I prepped my meal!

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    I used to absolutely adore almonds. I kept a baggie of them in my purse so nibble on when hunger pangs struck, but alas, after a while I grew tired of my go-to snack. Because I know they’re a good source of vitamin E, which helps neutralize free radicals that cause disease, I decided they deserved another shot. Rather than go full force chowing down dozens of nuts, I started slow, adding slivered almonds to my morning oatmeal. Yum! They gave my usually soggy oats a new texture, and the extra protein helped me feel fuller until lunch.

    Finally, I’m always trying to sip more h20 throughout the day (staying hydrated improves circulation, digestion and metabolism).  I usually gulp a couple cups from a tall glass that I fill from our office’s water cooler.  To change things up, I decided to pile a bunch of ice into the glass first. The result? The colder temperature of the h20 felt refreshing and I downed a full glass within seconds—and still craved more!

    So, the lesson I learned? Don’t assume you don’t like a particular health food (or drink!) until you’ve tried it in different ways.