Make your family’s meals healthier

You want what’s best for your family, and that includes ensuring everyone eats right. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to put delicious, healthy food on the table. Learn how households just like yours serve up nutritious meals despite packed schedules and rising supermarket prices.

Problem: Stuck in a food rut
Is your family stuck in a food rut? Try these easy solutions to make meals more exciting!

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Solution 1: Redo one dish
Make subtle changes to the foods you normally eat, such as serving sweet-potato fries instead of ones made from white potatoes.

Solution 2: Spice up second acts
Rather than simply reheating leftovers, repurpose them in healthful entrées like a chicken stir-fry with lots of veggies.

Problem: Too much junk food
If your family is full of junk-food junkies, try these simple ideas!

Solution 1: Swap added sugars for naturally occuring ones
Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit instead of processed foods such as pancake syrup, cookies and pies, which may contain a lot of added sugar. Fruit is packed with fiber, vitamins, nutrients and fructose, a natural sugar.

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Solution 2: Choose smart snacks
Swap junk food for nutritious snacks such as carrots, apple slices, pistachios or hummus.

Problem: Too little time
Always on the run? Eating healthy is possible with these fast solutions!

Solution 1: Make healthy grab-and-go lunches
Instead of combining sandwiches with chips and cookies, swap in healthier choices like trail mix. And stock your fridge with easy, portable foods such as string cheese and fruit, which can serve as a light lunch.

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Solution 2: Opt for better takeout
Everyone orders takeout once in a while, but choose healthier options. Skip the fries and high-calorie drinks. Try low-fat milk for kids and unsweetened iced tea for adults.

Solution 3: Try cooking in advance
Dust off your slow cooker or make lasagna early so you can pop it into the oven at dinnertime.

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