Firemen resuscitate small dog trapped in apartment blaze

A group of California firefighters are touching the hearts of thousands after photos of them working to resuscitate a small dog that had been trapped in a burning apartment began circulating online. The Santa Monica Fire Department responded to the fire on March 22, and pulled the small, white pooch from the burning structure.

“During the fire fight, Firefighters searching the interior for victims discovered an unresponsive dog that was overcome by heat and smoke,” a post on the Santa Monica Fire Department Facebook page said. “The dog was quickly pulled from the structure not breathing and without a pulse.”

The post said the firemen performed CPR on the dog and used a pet oxygen mask to help revive him.

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“After 20 minutes, the dog began breathing on its own and regained consciousness, even regaining the ability to walk around,” the post said.

Witnesses told Fox 6 News firefighters began petting the dog and saying “that a boy” as he received oxygen. He was later taken to an animal hospital by neighbors.

No humans were injured in the fire, Fox 6 News reported.