Child care worker reportedly asked 8-year-old to pee in cup for son's drug test

The assistant director of a South Carolina child care facility asked a child to pee in a cup so her son, who was recently released from jail, could pass a drug test and obtain a job, according to a Rock Hill police reported.

Fox 32 Chicago reported that the child’s mother, who was not named, said her 8-year-old son told her about the request made last week at New Beginning Child Care Center.

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The mother called the daycare and spoke with the assistant director, who apologized multiple times for the incident, but explained her son’s employment challenges and his need of a urine sample for a job. The assistant director, who also was not named, reportedly woke the 8-year-old up during naptime and asked him to pee in a medicine bottle.

The news station reported that no one has been charged and it’s unclear whether that will change.