British Columbia hopes to stop spread of HIV by testing all sexually active people

Doctors in British Columbia are hoping to eliminate HIV/AIDS by a new method: testing every sexually active person in the province, reported.

Experts discussed this topic Wednesday at a medical conference in Vancouver, Canada, demonstrating how a one-minute test could reveal a person’s HIV status.


“Everyone should be tested,” said Ken Buchanan of Positive Living BC, an advocacy group. “Obviously, the people in more high-risk situations should be tested more often, but everybody should be tested.”

Dr. Julio Montaner, director of B.C.’s Center for Excellence, said “elimination of HIV is possible.”

Montaner said mandatory testing is not an option right now, but he hopes people will voluntarily get tested for the time being.

The conference debuted a new campaign, which promotes the testing initiative as “the beginning of the end of HIV,” according to the website.

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