Brain Surgery Triggered New Found Artistic Ability

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Three years ago, a devastating accident left Taisia Sidorova with head injuries so severe that doctors had to remove half of her brain. She was even given her last rites – but the 21-year-old has since recovered and is now a talented artist.

Following the car crash, doctors had to remove the left hemisphere of Taisia’s brain, responsible for logic and rational thinking, and inserted a protective plate in its place.

The Sidorova Family was warned that the recovery would be a slow and grueling process and that their daughter may never recover.

To pass the time, and regain fine motor skills, Taisia began sketching and painting, something she never showed interest in prior to surgery. After regaining her strength, Taisia started to attend art classes.

“I would never have rated her artistic ability before but she's like a new person now - she has a natural talent for art,” her art teacher, Ludmilla Ostrowski, told the Daily Mail. “It is incredible.”

Initially right-handed, Taisia now paints with her left hand.

“The human brain is a remarkable thing – in her case the part that remains seems to have developed to compensate for the missing part – and at the same time given her a previously undiscovered talent for art,” a doctor who treated her said.