Arsenic in Your Kids' Apple Juice?

I’m very proud of Dr. Oz for his report today on potentially dangerous levels of arsenic found in certain brands of apple juice, which may classify some of them as unsuitable for consumption. He’s sounding the alarm for an issue that I believe needs to be brought to attention.

Arsenic, a naturally occurring and inorganic heavy metal, is a very problematic substance for children, especially when it comes to brain health and early development.

It has also been linked with cancer and kidney problems. Too much arsenic, of course, is capable of killing a person.

FDA vs. Dr. Oz: Is Apple Juice Poisonous?

The FDA has set a limit of 23 parts per billion (ppb) of inorganic and organic arsenic to determine whether foods or beverages for public consumption are a public health risk or merit concern. If the product reaches or exceeds that level, the FDA re-tests a sample to measure the inorganic arsenic.

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The government organization claims that Dr. Oz’s calculations are off because he merely measured the total levels of arsenic in juice, rather than the harmful inorganic levels by themselves.
I’m not going to comment about the methodology in calculating the arsenic levels in apple juice until I see more information released.

However, arsenic levels in apple juice – at any level – especially levels that supersede acceptable levels that have been set by FDA itself should not be tolerated.

Dr. Oz’s show addressed a few common themes in America today, globalization and the importation of consumer products from other countries, which often have little or no supervision in regards to ensuring the safety of consumers.

This practice, I believe, is often at the expense of our own children, who are growing and developing and especially affected by harmful exposure to metals and chemicals.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound like an alarmist, but just look at the growing levels of learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and other diseases that seem so prevalent today as compared to decades ago.

I know that some folks will criticize Dr. Oz for bringing this story to parents' attention, but I will not. Instead, I am applauding him for his much-needed report, and I hope more people will follow his lead in bring these ignored issues to light.