FDA vs. Dr. Oz: Is Apple Juice Poisonous?

Dr. Oz told viewers on his show Wednesday that certain brands of apple juice can be dangerous because they contain high levels of arsenic. Oz claimed that his team tested 50 different brands of apple juice, and they all contained a high element of arsenic.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration was quick to contest the report, saying that all apple juice sold in stores is safe. They said the testing was inaccurate because Oz tested for both organic arsenic, which is not harmful, and also inorganic arsenic, which is the type that can be dangerous. The results of both combined in testing led to results that were too high.

The FDA sent a letter to The Dr. Oz Show saying that "we have advised you that the test for total arsenic DOES NOT distinguish inorganic arsenic from organic arsenic."

“The FDA believes that it would be irresponsible and misleading for The Dr. Oz Show to suggest that apple juice contains unsafe amounts of arsenic based solely on tests for total arsenic," the letter also stated.

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