29 percent of young Americans are some degree of bisexual

Gay, straight, or in between? When asked to place themselves on a sexuality scale, almost a third of young Americans—and nearly half of their British counterparts—consider themselves some degree of bisexual, reports polling website YouGov, which states the results indicate an "increasingly open-minded approach to sexuality." The survey of 1,000 American adults used the Kinsey Scale—developed by Albert Kinsey in the 1940s—and asked respondents to plot themselves on a scale of zero (exclusively heterosexual) to six (exclusively homosexual).

Results published last week show 78 percent of adult Americans plotted themselves as completely heterosexual while 4 percent selected completely homosexual; 16% were somewhere in between (with another 2 percent unsure).

Those numbers change when you look at Americans between the ages of 18 and 29. A full 29 percent of American young people plotted themselves somewhere between one and five, essentially labeling themselves bisexual, YouGov reports.

That number was even higher—49 percent—in a similar survey of British people between 18 and 24. Of the 78 percent of American adults who classified themselves as "exclusively heterosexual," YouGov found 12 percent still reported having at least one homosexual experience.

YouGov notes "these figures are not measures of active bisexuality." Indeed, 20 percent of Americans in the 18-29 range say they've had a same-sex experience.

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