After a swim meet at the U.S. Naval Academy this weekend in Annapolis, Md., health officials have reported that about 100 people have come down with a viral illness.

The majority of people who reported symptoms of viral gastroenteritis after the meet were swimmers participating in the sporting event, according to the general chair of the Maryland State Swimming Championships, Raymond Brown.

Gastroenteritis is caused by noroviruses, and is transmitted thorough contact with an infected person. Health Department official Dr. Lucy Wilson said the department is still testing to determine the cause of the illness.

Judy Brown, a spokeswoman for the Naval Academy, told FoxNews.com that USNA preventive medicine and swim facility staff were acknowledged by the Anne Arundel County Health Department for diligent, proactive health and safety protocols.

Brown said youth swim teams from all over Maryland competed in the championships.

“According to the county health department that apparent cause of the illness was not the USNA swimming facility,” Brown said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.