Tincan restaurant serves only expensive canned fish

The British are on a roll with questionable pop up eateries.

“Death Row Dinners” recently sparked anger when it wanted to offer guests last meals given to prisoners on death row. Now a new restaurant has opened that may have you questioning the term fine dining.

Tincan recently opened in London’s tony Soho neighborhood that serves only canned fish.  There is no kitchen, no chef.  Just cans of fish.

“The perception of tinned food in the U.K. is different from how it is in other parts of the world,” Maximiliano Arrocet, one of the developers behind the Tincan concept, told The Guardian.

From the sleek design of the store and interior to the gourmet seafood varieties offered, Arrocet hopes to “elevate the tin to an object of desire.” The tins come from all over the world and, for some, may even be a collectible item.

Tincan serves salty delicacies from across the globe including Icelandic smoked cod livers (priced at $16 per tin), mackerel fillets in olive oil from Portugal ($11), and exotic Galician urchin caviar ($30). All meals are served with classic accompaniments like bread, rocket salad, lemon, chilli, shallots, olive oil and parsley, according to The Guardian.

While the eatery lacks many of the basics of a normal restaurant, it does have a wait staff that open the tins for each diner.

Tincan will be open in London for the next six months.  Better catch it before it swims away.