Most of us consider anyone with a dishwasher extremely lucky.

Many people seek out apartments and houses with dishwashers already installed. The ease and convenience of loading and pushing “on” is far better than scrubbing and soaking, but some kinds of metals and glassware are much too delicate for a power wash.

The high temperature and harsh detergent in the dishwasher can cause specific types of these glassware, pots, and pans to ruin and fade. The dishwasher has a similar effect on other kinds of utensils, flatware, and silverware. For some kitchen tools, it's best to dig out the rubber gloves and get scrubbing.

Cast iron pans are one of the best kitchen investments out there, but after a good sear of meat, they can use a good cleaning. These finicky pans, however, have no place in the dishwasher — especially if you break the bank buying a fancy Dutch oven.

Before you load the dishwasher and press power, make sure that you don’t have any of those or other specialty items included. After you’ve invested the money in these tools, it’s best to care for them correctly. Always check with the manufacturer and read the instruction manuals on any kitchen tool or utensil that you buy.

In the meantime, this list is a good resource for deciding what to leave out.

1. Sharp Knives

Kitchen knives 2

A close up shot of high quality kitchen knives on a cutting board (iStock)

Sharp knives dull faster when put through the dishwasher cycle. Plus, they can rack up dings and dents from other objects. Instead, wash the knives by hand, being careful not cut yourself on the blade.

2. Non-stick Pans



The non-stick surface of the pan can wash away after several cycles in the dishwasher. It’s best to wash these by hand to keep the non-stick surface intact.

3. Cast Iron



Cast iron pans should avoid the dishwasher at all cost. It can remove all the seasoning from the pan and also cause them to rust. To properly clean these pans, wash the warm pan with hot water and a sponge or stiff brush. Avoid soap, steel wools, and soaking the pan. Stubborn food particles can easily be removed from boiling water in the pan. After it is clean, dry the pan and lightly coat it with cooking oil.

4. Wooden Spoons



Wooden spoons and other wooden kitchen utensils can lose their finish, warp, and crack when put in the dishwasher. Check with the manufacturer or wash by hand just to be safe.

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