'The Food Surgeon’ pulls apart everyday food in the eeriest of ways

Wearing blue surgical gloves and holding a scalpel, a mysterious man behind YouTube’s newest sensation is created a buzz for his precise handling of everyday food items.

Food Surgeon's YouTube channel only features two videos and has only been up since Jan. 19., but already it has more than 17,000 subscribers.

“Reese’s Peanut-Butter-Ectomy with Oreo Cream Transplant”--in which a dissected Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is inserted with the cream of an Oreo cookie-- has seen viewed almost 600,000 time to date.

That's pretty good considering that these video show a slow, methodical breaking down of the food, without music or fancy edits.

So who’s the person behind the videos? He told NPR his name was Steve (he refused to give his last name)--and was an engineer from Seattle. He said he was keeping his identity a secret because he doesn't want "his art to be about him."

We're not sure his videos are art, but his careful movements as he peels layers off of food is both mesmerizing and a little creepy--part "CSI" with a dash of Hannibal Lecter.

A California mandarin is broken down in minute detail –from peeling off the tiny label to separating pith from flesh.

He told Yahoo Food that he's got no surgical or filmmaking experience and that he's learning as he go. "I hope to keep my subscribers hungry and happily disturbed."

So far, so good.