Sweet meat: Bob Evans continues bacon craze with candied, glazed bacon

If you love maple syrup and if you love bacon, run-- don't walk-- to the nearest Bob Evans.

The restaurant chain is now serving a candied bacon appetizer that launched Sept. 14.

“It's so crunchy, it doesn’t even feel like meat, but it tastes like meat,” said one taster who found the snack "surprisingly good."

"It's sweet and savory and it's still crisp," said another satisfied Chew on This taster.

Of course, the smoky sensation comes with a few extra calories – 116 per slice or 580 calories for a full serving of five. Calories from fat? 82 per slice or 410 for the full serving.

But health concerns--at least when it comes to bacon--may not be much of a concern for the average American. According to the National Pork Board, 10 pounds of bacon is sold annually per person, demonstrating the continuous popularity of the pork.

But when will the fascination end? Or will it?

"It's god's food," said one taster, saluting the porcine product.

Sept. 3 was International Bacon Day and fans of the meat celebrated in a myriad of ways around the country. And in May, a British man legally changed his name to Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

Yes, Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

Bob Evans Restaurants owns 527 family restaurants in 18 states, primarily throughout the Midwest, mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the country. Some tasters from the West Coast lamented they wouldn't be able to find the candied bacon near them.

But one British taster declared the snack tasty enough to make a move across the pond.

So if you can't make it your local Bob Evans, a Google search shows that many people are already making their own versions of candied bacon. It might not be as crispy-- or as easy as just buying it in a cute mason jar-- but the sweet and salt combo will the spot for breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner-- and every snack in between.