Soda flavored Pop-Tarts probably shouldn’t be a thing

From the wistful Cronut to the greasy, yet ultimately satisfying, ramen burger, food mashups are all over the place.

But maybe it’s time some food companies realized everything doesn’t need to taste like every thing.

Behold the latest Pop-Tart collection from Kellogg’s. This month, the brand rolled out two new flavors inspired by popular sodas—A&W Root Beer and Orange Crush.

Other companies, like General Mills, are striving to strip their breakfast offerings of artificial ingredients and preservatives— but these breakfast pastries break that trend-- and then some.

“Why is this happening to me? This tastes like shortbread and orange soda made a baby,” said one Chew on This taster trying the Orange Crush Pop-Tart.

“Revolting!” said another.

The Orange Crush Pop-Tart, which is frosted with white icing and filled with a citrus-like flavored jam, certainly smelled like the familiar pop—but the flavor wasn’t a hit, even with people who love drinking the soda.

“It’s not refreshing at all. It’s just super sweet and weird,” said one taster.

The root beer Pop-Tart only fared a little bit better. It’s a darker brown pastry,  topped with white icing and  “brown, red and orange crunchlets."

“It smells exactly like a can of root beer. I don’t know how they did that, not sure I want to,” said one skeptical taster.

Like its orange soda counterpart, the root beer Pop-Tart smells just like the soda that inspired its creation—which is certainly something to behold in pastry form. But despite its deadringer smell, the A&W Pop-Tart didn't manage to live up to expectation.

Said one taster,“The pastry is kindof salty. And it looks like chocolate but it’s my taste buds are just confused.”

If you’ve got an insatiable sweet tooth—or just happen to love soda and want to eat it instead of gulp it-- the new soda flavored breakfast pastries hit store shelves later this month.