Shocking world beer records

Beer is a crazy thing. If you’ve had enough to drink, it can unleash superpowers you didn’t know you had: fearlessness to say what you really mean, confidence to dance like nobody’s watching, and maybe even the record-setting ability to open 68 beer bottles with your teeth in under a minute, earning recognition from Guinness World Records.

So, maybe pulling off bottle caps with your teeth isn’t your superpower. We’re not sure whether the man who did, an Indian man named Murali K.C., was drunk or sober at the time, but he performed this feat in Bangalore, India, and now holds the record for “Most Bottle Caps Removed with Teeth in One Minute.”

It’s quite a feat, but even more shocking records have been set with beer. John Evans of the United Kingdom balanced 11 empty beer kegs on his head for 10 seconds, earning the record of “Most Beer Kegs Balanced on a Head.” He had to have been sober for that balancing act!

We think there’s a fine line between collecting and hoarding. At 14 years old, Ron Werner of the United States began collecting beer bottles, adding 1,000 bottles on average every year to his collection. He reached 25,966 bottles in 2012. At this point, is it hoarding? Well, he set the record for “Largest Collection of Beer Bottles” anyway.

These records are extraordinary and probably make great conversation starters at parties, but it’s up to you whether you want to attempt to break them.

1. Largest glass of beer



You think you’ve had a lot to drink? The largest glass of beer — poured at The Fleece Countryside Inn in Yorkshire, England in honor of the Tour de France — contains 3,664 pints of beer. Chug, chug, chug.

2. Fastest time to open 2,000 beer bottles



Crack open a cold one! Krunoslav Budiselic of Croatia opened 2,000 bottles of beer is 28 minutes, 11 seconds.

3. Most bottle caps removed with teeth in one minute


Closeup of mouth of very stressed man (iStock)

When there’s no bottle opener, teeth will do. Murali K.C. removed 68 beer bottles in one minute using his teeth in Bengaluru, India.

4. Most beer kegs balanced on a head



For his next act, he will balance beer kegs on his head. Englishman John Evans balanced 11 empty beer kegs on his head for 10 seconds.

Learn about more of the most shocking beer records in the world.

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