Return of the #TrumpCup: President-elect supporters protest Starbucks with Trump's name

Two viral videos showing separate altercations between Starbucks employees and customers has renewed an anti-Starbucks, pro-Donald Trump movement.

On Wednesday, Jorge de Cárdenas filmed a man yelling at a female Starbucks employee in Miami after his drink order was reportedly delayed. In the clip, the man can be heard shouting, “I voted for Trump! Trump! You lost, now give me my money back.” De Cárdenas says the disgruntled customer accused the chain of “white discrimination.”

And on Thursday, a video surfaced purportedly showing a barista at a Delray Beach, Fla. beach Starbucks threatening to call the cops on a customer because he asked for the name “Trump” to be written on his cup.

Now, supporters of the President-elect are taking their movement to individual coffee chain locations around the country.

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    The hashtag #TrumpCup isn't new (well-known Trump supporter Scott Baio helped propel the hashtag into the mainstream this spring) but the movement to ask baristas to write “Trump” is gaining steam again as people call on other Trump supports to voice their pro-Trump stance by asking baristas to write the name Trump on drink orders.

    Some claim to have been refused a #TrumpCup and say Starbucks is suppressing their right to political expression.

    Many have argued that the protest seems counterintuitive since it relies on actually spending money at the large coffee chain.

    Last year, Starbucks plain red holiday cups sparked fervent debate among groups that accused the chain of being anti-Christian. This year, the chain released 13 holiday-themed cups decorated by customers from around the world. The designs feature iconic holiday symbols like Santa Claus, candy canes, and Christmas tree lights.

    Starbucks was not immediately available for comment.