Oreo releases its first-ever candy bar cookie in the US

Oreo may be America’s favorite cookie but will it become America’s favorite candy bar, too?

Oreo parent company Mondolez International is releasing two new candy cookie mashups in the U.S. Both products feature Oreo cookie bits and signature cookie crème wrapped in Milka milk chocolate, a popular European chocolate brand.

The two varieties were rolled out in select European markets earlier this year. The Milka Oreo big crunch chocolate candy bar features a layer of crunchy Oreo cookie between two layers of crème, coated in milk chocolate and it comes it one extra-large "sharable" tablet size.

The second candy bar is The Milka Oreo chocolate candy bar featuring Oreo bits mixed in with layers of crème, wrapped in Milka chocolate-- and it's available in three smaller sizes.

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Oreo is also releasing a Milka Oreo choco-mix snack mix bag featuring mini cookies and candy-coated chocolate pieces.

The new candy bars were released in limited quantities starting Nov. 14 and are expected to roll out nationwide in January next year.