Life-sized 'horror-farm' created out of cake

These fairytale characters are stuff of your worst nightmares, but good enough to eat.

Emma Thomas, aka Miss Cakehead, has created a ghoulish line of fairy tale-inspired cakes that are so dark and twisted you just might need to take a bite.

The London-based food designer is known for her ghoulish designs—from bloody human limbs to large tentacled sea creatures. Her latest creation is called the “World’s First Edible Horror Farm” and features scenes from classic stories and rhymes like Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, and Little Miss Muffet.

Thomas --who worked with professional bakers to create cake made to look like butchered animals and mangled body parts --has twisted some of the most beloved literary classics.

“I have always loved fairytales and the fact that the originals are so very dark and twisted,” Thomas told  “It allows people to relate to the concept on a variety of levels.”

Creating these works of art is time consuming and a labor of love, says Thomas. For example, the pig cake took U.K.-based The Tattooed Bakers around 500 hours to complete.

“The most important rule we follow is not matter how disgusting the cake is to look at, it MUST be delicious to eat.”

The World’s First Edible Horror Farm will be on display at England's Standalone Farm in Letchworth Garden City this Halloween.

Guests with iron stomachs will be able to partake in a slice of cake.

But, as Miss Cakehead  says, "you have to be brave.”