Chili's is cutting its menu by 40 percent

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Tex-Mex restaurant chain Chili’s is trimming its extensive menu by 40 percent. The popular chain will be getting rid of 50 items in an attempt to better focus their food options.

The brand discussed the decision in a press release, saying: “Over the years, like many bar and grill chains, Chili's chased consumer trends, expanded the menu and tried to be all things to all guests, therefore compromising execution and resulting in a fuzzy food reputation.”

That means bad news for customers who love menu items that are a little off the beaten path. Kelli Valade, Chili’s president, recognizes what a letdown the loss of those dishes could be to some diners.

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"We value every Guest and we know that cutting even one entrée like Mango Chili Tilapia, or a delicious appetizer like Crispy Asparagus could disappoint a Guest who loves that dish," she explained in the comapny's statement.

She mentioned that the brand is reinvesting in burgers, ribs, and fajitas— or as Valade put it, “the items that we've always been known for.”

The downsized menu will be in effect beginning Sept. 18.