Burger King manager arrested for throwing sauce at customer

A Burger King manager in New Hampshire is facing an assault charge after allegedly throwing sauce at a customer during an in-store altercation.

Douglas Waterman of Conway, N.H. was arrested Monday following the beef-based brawl, reports WGME.

According to a police report, the incident started after a customer complained that her burger had no bun. Conway Police Sgts. Russell McLauchlan and Terrence Spittler, who responded to the scene, say Waterman then started yelling at the customer, picked up a bottle of sauce and sent the liquid soaring toward the customer. Waterman told police that he was verbally assaulted first by the customer but later admitted to throwing the condiment and was arrested.

"Courtney Butler [customer] stated to Sgt. Spittler that she returned a sandwich at Burger King that was made wrong and had no bun on it," Conway Police Sgts. Russell McLauchlan wrote in his report. Butler stated that the manager began yelling at her, then picked up some sauce, threw it in her direction and some landed on her shirt.

"Sgt. Spittler observed the sauce was orange and yellow in color."

But this isn’t the first time a customer almost took a whooping at the “Home of the Whopper.”

Last year, a Burger King patron was involved in an altercation with an employee following a request for a refund after purchasing a shake. Instead of offering a reimbursement or replacement, the employee cursed at the customer and even threatened to slap her for taking a video of the altercation.

The fast-food chain later issued an apology and fired the worker viewed in the clip.

Altercations aside, Burger King is still rolling right along with its new menu additions. The restaurant recently released a series of sandwiches in their “Meatatarian Range,” in New Zealand, the highlight being the “Full Meaty,” which has two beef patties, a chicken patty, six bacon strips, two slices of cheese, barbeque sauce and onion all on one single roll.

And if you can’t get to New Zealand any time soon, foodies closer to home in the U.S. can bite into the restaurant’s new Whooperito, a burger-burrito hybrid that lists seasoned ground beef, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles among the ingredients wrapped up in a flour tortilla.

No word on whether the Whooperito comes with an extra side of sauce from a store manager.