A spicy chocolate bar that's like Pop Rocks in your mouth

Snap, crack and pop. We’re not talking about cereal.

This Feb., Trader Joe’s released their latest custom candy—the “Fireworks Chocolate Bar” and its one of the most unusual candy bars we’ve come across. Sure, we’ve tried the world’s most expensive chocolate and spicy habanero jelly beans that are almost too hot to handle, but is the world ready for something super hot that explodes like Pop Rocks in your mouth?

The grocery chain didn't tell us about its product development process, but four out of their top five customer favorite candies in 2014 involved chocolate, so the release of the Fireworks bar seems like a good product fit.

The bar is made from dark chocolate, spiced with chipotle and pasilla chiles, a touch of sea salt and cayenne pepper for some real heat. But what really sets this bar apart is the addition of tiny popping candies—similar to Pop Rocks—that literally fizzle on your tongue with each bite.

So what does it taste like?

At first bite, it tastes like any—albeit good quality—dark chocolate bar. It’s smooth and rich but as the chocolate melts, you get a bit of the heat from the spicy chilies that warms your whole mouth. But its not unbearably spicy.

Then the popping begins. It's tingly, crackly and tickles your tongue like, well, Pop Rocks.  It’s a lot fun as a novelty item but you wouldn’t want to snack on it all day. We think the popping would get old after a few bites so better to share with bar with a few unsuspecting friends.

Supplies of the Fireworks bar are limited and a representative from Trader Joe’s told FoxNews.com that the bar is already sold out in some regions. But look out for their newest bar—with bacon and chocolate ganache-- in stores this spring.

The Fireworks Chocolate Bar is 2.8 ounches and retails for $1.99.