Sara Sampaio's Huge Sloppy Burger, Taylor Swift's (Maybe) New Boyfriend, and Much, Much More

Here's what's on our radar, people:

Like Kate Upton and Nina Agdal before her, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Sara Sampaio (see above flashing penguins) is the latest attractive woman to sloppily eat a Carl's Jr. hamburger in one of the chain's commercials (below). And because Carl's Jr. has a greasy-lady fetish, of course they didn't give her a napkin:

Speaking of tasty dishes, the food at King Bee in Manhattan — and especially their steak — is always exceptional. Chef Jeremie Tomczak recently shared the secret to their signature beef ribeye, seared to perfection in a cast-iron pan. Check out the video above to see how it's done,

On Thursday, PBS and Carnival Films announced that their hugely popular series "Downton Abbey" will be ending after its upcoming sixth season. But not to worry, "Downton" fans: We're currently working on script for a new show called "Upton Abbey," which is a lot like "Downton Abbey" but set a bit further north, and with a sassy talking dog.

Taylor Swift and fellow musician Calvin Harris have sparked rumors of a romantic relationship after showing up together at a Nashville Whole Foods wearing matching outfits (below). We've guessing they also arrived on a bicycle built for two, though we've yet to confirm.

During a screening for her new concert movie, Perry remarked that she dyed her hair black to "mourn" the end of her Prismatic World Tour. She must be really sad about it too. Heck, when her marriage was falling apart, her head was still a shade of cotton-candyish strawberry blonde.

AskMen has compiled a list of the "99 Most Outstanding Women of 2015," naming Emma Watson as the most most outstanding for her work with the U.N.  to bring about gender equality. Perhaps her efforts will one day inspire AskMen to include men on their "Most Outstanding" list, but probably not, because y'know. Boobs.

CBS's new "Late Late Show" host James Corden claims he was recently denied entry into his own studio because security didn't recognize his face. But James shouldn't feel too bad, because nobody recognizes his face yet, except for maybe the guy at his local sandwich shop. Just give it time, Corden.

After recently claiming that sweatpants cause divorce, actress Eva Mendez now says she rarely wears jeans because they're "so restrictive!" Fortunately, we know a cure for too-restrictive jeans: They're called sweatpants. So just wear them already and stop complaining, alright Eva?

On Thursday, Kendall Jenner was revealed as the new face of Calvin Klein's Denim Series campaign (below), and what a sad, somber face it is. Perhaps she's simply wondering where the other half of her really expensive Calvin Klein shirt went.

NBC is reportedly bringing back its '90s sitcom "Coach" for 13 episode run. They're calling it a sequel to the original series, because this time, Craig T. Nelson's titular "coach" character is moving from Michigan to Pennsylvania to serve as an assistant coach under his own son. So if NBC doesn't call this thing "Coach, Too," they've really dropped the ball.

In a case of life imitating "Seinfeld," actor Jason Alexander has been tapped to serve as a replacement for Larry David after David finishes up his starring role in Broadway's "Fish in the Dark." And frankly, we're a bit surprised. It must have taken them both a long time to come to an agreement on whether the character is supposed to be a schmuck or not.

And finally, 41-year-old model Molly Sims welcomed a baby girl with husband Scott Stuber on Thursday. They named her Scarlett May Stuber, or as father Scott probably likes to call her, "proof that I've had sex with a supermodel." Congratulations all around!