Maksim Chmerkovskiy bashes ‘DWTS,’ reveals which dance partner he slept with

Former “Dancing with the Stars” professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy let loose during an “Allegedly” podcast, slamming his former ABC series and producers as well as ex-dance partner Hope Solo.

Though Chmerkovskiy appeared as a guest judge on Monday night’s “DWTS,” while speaking with hosts Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss in the podcast recorded on Oct. 7, the dancer seemed less than pleased with the show. The podcast was released to iTunes on Tuesday.

“It’s a permanent thing. I’m not coming back,” he said of his departure from the show.

He later said he feels he was not a good fit for the reality competition.

“I’m honest to a fault… maybe I was just not a good person for ‘Dancing with the Stars’ because for me, it was never about politics or trying to look good for the camera... I had one job: I had to teach somebody how to dance… and I didn’t care how I looked in the process.”

Chmerkovskiy recalled that he had a “giant fight with my producers” over how little he cared about anything on the show besides teaching his partners to prepare for the Monday-night dance offs.

When the show’s hosts reminded Chmerkovskiy that his brother Val is still on the series he quipped, “it’s his problem.”

He said he was “heavily censored” on the ABC show because “Mickey Mouse was writing my checks.”

Chmerkovskiy also dished about which of his celebrity dance partners he has slept with.

“I just want to be on the record. I did not have any sort of relations with any of my partners… well, one, back in the day. Willa Ford, we dated for a while.”

Of ex-“Dancing” partner Hope Solo, he said simply, “She’s just a sh---y person. ”