Ireland Baldwin's Bottomless Portraits, Manhattan Cricket Club's Smoky Cocktail Recipe, and Much, Much More

Here's what's on our radar:

On Wednesday, Ireland Baldwin shared on Instagram, some of which see the actress/model completely bottomless (below). So despite the stool and muslin backdrop, we're guessing these photos were not taken at her local (and family-friendly) Sears Portrait Studio.

Could anybody else use a stiff drink right about now? Sure you could. (We all could.) We know just the thing, too: a smoked cinnamon old fashioned from the Manhattan Cricket Club. Watch the video above to learn how owner Tim Harris puts a spicy twist on the classic, then grab

Sources have confirmed to Us Weekly that Taylor Swift is, in fact, dating musician/producer Calvin Harris. In future news, Taylor Swift has written an entire album's worth of songs about Calvin Harris, that jerky ex-boyfriend of hers.

Katy Perry debuted her new, pixie-style haircut in an Instagram snapshot on Wednesday (below), writing in the caption that she asked her hairdresser for "the Kris Jenner." So now, since Kris Jenner's haircut has finally reached cult status, Jenner herself can stop asking for the "Brigitte Neilsen" and start asing for the "me."

Later that same day, Katy Perry accidentally gave out her personal phone number on Instagram, when she shared a video of her dog Butters with his dog tag clearly visible. She's since removed the video, probably because nosy fans kept trying to dial her up and ask her to please, please come do an exclusive photoshoot with us at Fox News Magazine.

Tom Hanks' 24-year-old son Chester, who raps under the name Chet Haze, literally threatened to assault radio personality Howard Stern after the shock-jock poked fun at his rap career. If he follows through, Haze will become the first rapper to earn zero street cred for beating up a 61-year-old man.

As seen in the footage they shared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Rihanna pulled an April Fool's joke on Kimmel in the wee hours of April 1st, whereby she sneaked into his bedroom to blast her new single ("Bitch Better Have My Money") while showering him with real, actual money. So it literally pays to be the butt of Rihanna's jokes.

Cynthia Lennon, the first wife of musician John Lennon, died on Wednesday at her home in Mallorca, Spain, at the age of 75. She is survived by her and John's son Julian, and also by Yoko Ono's vast catalog of music, which probably makes a lot of Beatles purists quite angry.

"Furious 7" actress Jordana Brewster arrived for the film's L.A. premiere on Wednesday wearing a diaphanous see-through gown (below), with her bust shielded only by a few well-placed starfish appliqués — or, as Jordana's admirers have taken to calling them, "those stupid idiot starfish I hate them so much!!"

During a press engagement for the charity organization Outnumber Hunger, country star Reba McEntire said that one of her secrets to looking young is indulging in a "good old cheeseburger" every now and then. We totally agree, although we indulge more than just now and then; we try to eat several cheeseburgers, daily, to fatten up and puff out the wrinkles around our eyes, forehead and cheeks.

On "The Late Late Show With James Corden," David Beckham recounted the time he chaperoned his son Brooklyn on the boy's first date. Beckham said he sat "about five tables back," which was far enough to give Brooklyn some privacy, but probably still close enough to toe-kick a salt shaker at the kid's head if he tried anything stupid.

And finally, exes Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are vacationing together in Mexico on the anniversary of their infamous "conscious uncoupling," where they've reportedly been "relaxing" on the beach together, and just generally confusing the heck out of everyone who hears this story.