Todd Hoffman continues his epic hunt for gold in Discovery’s hit series, "Gold Rush." And this year, he's doing it in the golld old U.S. of A.

“I moved back to the United States. I am mining here in the USA and is it going well? Damn it, it’s not going well," Hoffman told FOX411. "You’re watching me struggle. It’s a tough season.”

But that doesn't mean he -- or viewers - should give up hope.

“Something kind of miraculous happens later in the season and you got to watch to see what happens, it’s definitely something that I’m never going to forget the rest of my life," he said.

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Hoffman hinted some strains in the show’s seventh season are hard for him to relive.

“I would say the relationships, the strain, the dedication to us has never been so drastic. You’re going to see some really tough things that are going to be hard for me to watch," he said. "I don’t sometimes because I kind of lived it and I’ll watch when things are good but when they’re tough, it’s emotional to me.”

“My team is my family. I’m not just mining and I’m paying these guys to drive these trucks, you know, Kevin’s my brother, Andy’s my brother," he said. "These are guys are my brothers, and it’s like when things aren’t going well I’m emotionally take it very, very hard and it’s like why would I want to watch that again.”

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