'Gods of Egypt' posters cause online uproar over predominantly white cast

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The recently released trailer for the upcoming epic "Gods of Egypt" has caused quite a stir online.

The posters, which feature a few of the movie's stars, including Gerard Butler and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, have been criticized for casting white actors to play Egyptian gods.

The film also stars Geoffrey Rush who plays the Egyptian sun god Ra. "Get on Up"actor Chadwick Boseman stars as Thoth, and his casting has also caused upset as some Twitter users pointed out African-American is not Egyptian.

The uproar of "Gods of Egypt" is similar to last year's controversy surrounding the biblical epic "Exodus: Gods and Kinds" which was called out for having a white cast.

FOX411 put a call in to Lionsgate about the brouhaha, and so far haven't received comment.