Elsa Pataky's Sizzling Lingerie Ad, Heidi Klum's Youthful-Looking Dad, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there:

• Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, also the wife of "Thor" actor Chris Hemsworth, is currently appearing in a new lingerie campaign for European retailers Women'secret (above). And much like her husband, it's now clear that she, too, possesses the chiseled abs and flowing blonde locks of a Norse god.

• If Elsa's photo up there leaves you feeling a little soft in the middle, don't fret. We recently met up with Ali Gritz of Crunch Fitness to learn three ab-targeting moves for toning up our tummies — and fast. Follow along with Ali's favorite exercises in the video below, and you'll be well on your way to having the mid-section of a lady-Thor:

• Singer, actor and TV personality Nick Lachey reportedly missed out on an opportunity to make billions of dollars when Ohio residents voted against legalizing marijuana, because Lachey co-owns the farms that were earmarked to grow that marijuana. So if he's still looking for ways to legally get rich off marijuana users, his only real option is to buy a stake in Cheetos and hope for the best.

• The other day on Instagram, Heidi Klum shared a photo of herself and her very youthful father Günther (below). making it perfectly clear where she gets her ageless looks and good genes. However, it's still anybody's guess where she gets her love of

• AMC and Cinemark theaters have reportedly issued a ban on wearing masks or brandishing lightsabers at screenings of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." It's unknown if these rules were enacted due to safety concerns, fire regulations, or simply to keep you from looking like a dweeb in front the cool kids who hang out by the arcade games.

• Julien's Auctions of Los Angeles has announced plans to auction off the green(ish) cardigan worn by Kurt Cobain during Nirvana's famous "MTV Unplugged" taping (below). They say it's expected to sell for around $50,000, which, by our calculations, is roughly $50,000 more than it would cost to just steal an identical sweater from your grandpa's closet.

• The nominees for the annual People's Choice Awards were announced on Tuesday, and judging by the favorites, we can probably expect The Weeknd, Shonda Rimes, and eight-time winner Taylor Swift to take home (at least) a few trophies each. Swift, however, will probably be the only one to take them home and immediately toss them into a cardboard box in her basement.

• And finally, Legendary Pictures has released a teaser for their "World of Warcraft" movie (below), which is based on the online role-playing game of the same name. Now if only Legendary can convince "Warcraft" gamers to put on clean shirts and get up from their computers to go to a theater, they might actually have a hit on their hands.