‘Duck Dynasty’ recap: Jase and Missy argue over what’s best for son Reed

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While the Robertsons are usually all about family love, last night’s episode revealed Jase and Missy were at odds over what they thought was best for their eldest son Reed.

“What’s up with this little spat with the ole missus?” Willie asked his older brother.

“How'd you find out about this?” a surprised Jase asked Willie. “All I said was that Reed doesn't have to go to his graduation.”

Jase, who doesn’t “conform to the norms of society,” was adamant about taking his son frog hunting instead of attending his graduation ceremony. But a very unhappy Missy made it clear that her son was not going to spend his big day the way his father did his.

“I didn't go to my high school graduation but I still graduated,” explained Jase. “I went frog hunting on graduation night and it was the most frogs I've ever hunted in one night. Wearing that gown and a silly hat that just doesn’t seem to be a proper welcome to adulthood.”

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Missy definitely had a different idea of how her son would celebrate his graduation. She agreed to let Jase take Reed out the night before for some father-son bonding time only if he arrived back in time for graduation.

To keep the peace, Jase agreed to his wife’s requests and enlisted the help of Willie and Uncle Si to dish out some manly advice to Reed.

But Si missed the memo and brought along a bag to cover Reed’s head with because he thought they would be surprising his grand nephew for the trip.

“You boys ruin everything,” a let down Si said after finding out Reed was tagging along willingly. “Can't even have a good kidnapping.”

While the boys went off to hunt frogs, Miss Kay and a few others were feeling nostalgic looking over old family photos.

“Looking at old photos is one of my favorite things to do,” said Miss Kay. “That’s why I wanted to make this photo album for Reed’s graduation. That way he can take his family with him to college. Who wouldn't want to take their whole family with him to college?”

After the nostalgia wore off, Miss Kay, Korie, Jessica and Jep realized with Jase gone, they would be able to cover their house in toilet paper.

“If you started out like me, wiping your tail with sticks and leaves and Sears Roebuck catalogues, you'd appreciate toilet paper,” said a disapproving Phil.

The group went ahead with the plan but Miss Kay warned should they need to run, “all of my bodily functions will go all at once.”

While the TPing crew were gearing up for their big prank, Reed was receiving more fatherly advice than he needed.

“Reed’s a bright kid but there’s still a few things he needs to learn about being a man,” said Jase. “you buy an ice chest. You go kill your deer, you put it in the ice chest, you eat him until he's gone. You put the deer in an ice chest, nobody will ever suspect a thing.”

Believe it or not, that wasn’t the most useful piece of advice Reed heard that night. Si told him to quit should college get too hard and Willie advised his nephew to buy hotdogs that come prepackaged with cheese.

In the end, Reed walked away with some advice while Miss Kay and her TPing gang failed to fool Missy and Jase.

"This isn't the first time my house has been rolled,” said Missy. “But it is the first time that it's been hit by my mother-in-law, which is about as weird as it gets.” She didn’t even need to clean up after them because Si started gathering the used toilet paper to use for later.

“These 18 years have blown by,” said a tearful Missy after the family attended Reed’s graduation ceremony. “I can't believe this is the moment my little boy is now a man. Watching him graduate is a memory that I'll have for the rest of my life. We just pray as parents that we taught them how to live right its up to them now.”