Could ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Justin Martin have a televised wedding?

A “Duck Dynasty” televised wedding could be in the works.

Non-Robertson-family cast member Justin Martin, who works at the Duck Commander headquarters, proposed to girlfriend, Brittany Brugman, last month.

“I dropped on one knee, did it, and she said yes. Now we’re in the stages of planning a wedding and by ‘we,’ I mean her,” Martin told Fox News at a Homes of Hope for children benefit in Jackson, Miss.

So could their nuptials be captured by A&E cameras? Martin said it’s still up in the air.

“My preference would be small in the country -- just like you see us on TV. Get us down on the bank of a river somewhere. Let’s do this, get it over with and start the next chapter,” said Martin.

As the sixth season of the hit show nears its June 11th premiere, Martin dished on what fans can expect from the reality show.

He said this year it’s not all about the ducks.

“Season six is really good,” he said.  “We get back on the beavers in this one. Touch back to some frog catching again.”

Uncle Si added that what the cameras set out to capture doesn’t always work out as planned, but he believes God is helping the TV show find success.

“We was doing a film one day about hunting for the beaver dam, and I said, I laughed at the director, said ‘you actually think you’re directing this thing? The Lord God Mighty is directing ‘Duck Dynasty,’” said Si.

Martin said season six focuses a lot on the importance of family.

“You can still be busy, you can still run a huge corporation, but you still make time for family.  And that’s the message we’re trying to get back to the people of America.”