NFL's Danny Amendola lashes out at ex Olivia Culpo after reports of her getting cozy with Zedd

Detroit Lions wide receiver Danny Amendola slammed ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo in a lengthy Instagram post Friday following reports that the former Miss Universe was cuddling up to Russian-German DJ Zedd at Coachella.


In the post, which has since been deleted, the 33-year-old slammed Culpo, 26, for her “fishbowl lifestyle,” explaining that he chooses to nail up picture frames of the people he loves the most inside his home to protect them from ridicule rather than post about them online.

“Olivia chooses and wants to be noticed on the internet and in Hollywood to make money,” Amendola said, claiming her need for media attention was hard for him to understand because he plays ball "for one reason and that’s RESPECT.”

Amendola said he and Culpo both made mistakes during the course of their “loving relationship” and mentioned their “crazy” sex life. The football star said Culpo often got angry with him for not posting about their romance on social media.

He added that he chooses to live outside the public’s critical eye even though he has “a whole cell phone of funny, embarrassing, sexy pics IG would love to have."


“We’ve been off and on for a long time and have not been together as of late!” he wrote, concluding his post with a jab at media reports of Culpo with other men, including a video circulating of Culpo with Zedd during Ariana Grande’s set at Coachella, E! News reported.

"Not sure what’s in the future but the only thing I care about is her HAPPINESS. And if that’s dancing with scrony [sic] little f---, so be it.”

Amendola signed a contract with the Lions in March after previously playing for the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams, New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins.