Charlotte McKinney 'Pushes It,' Lindsay Lohan Might Be Engaged, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's buzzing about:

• Judging by the Instagram photo she posted on Tuesday (above), actress and GUESS model Charlotte McKinney really wants us to take notice of one particularly impressive perk of her rigorous workouts: She's finally earned a membership to the exclusive rooftop area of her gym! Way to go, McKinney!

• Speaking of McKinney, we recently asked the blonde bombshell about her beginnings in the modeling industry. Watch the clip below to see some of her earlier work with GUESS — whom she lauds for allowing her to flaunt her curves — then ask your gym for a free one-day pass to their rooftop area. (You deserve it.)

• Kim Kardashian revealed that she's a member of the mile-high club, but claimed that she's only ever had sex on a private plane when nobody was around. So while Kim technically is a member, her name will appear with an asterisk in the official MHC registry until she has sex in a gross airplane bathroom like everybody else.

• The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has determined that Adele's melancholy album "25" was the best-selling album of 2015, with a whopping 17.4 million units sold. And the year's worst-selling album? That garbage EP your son's garage band recorded last year. (Sell off their instruments, will ya?)

• Marvel has released the first teaser trailer for "Dr. Strange" (below), which stars Benedict Cumberbatch as some kind of surgeon who goes on a sabbatical/bender and comes back wearing a cape — which, as we all know, is the unmistakeable sign of a trustworthy medical professional:

• The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain has announced plans to screen the original "Star Wars" films back-to-back as part of a special all-day event this August. Tickets go on sale May 4th, so be sure to reserve yourself a spot, lest you miss out on the chance to spend nine hours in a poorly ventilated room with a few hundred guys in unwashed Chewbacca costumes from the late '70s.

• According to sources for TMZ, expat actress Lindsay Lohan and her Russian boyfriend Egor Tarabasov got engaged. The two have yet to announce where they'll have their wedding, but one thing's for sure: Wherever it is, it's going to be a real pain for Lohan's family to get to. Update: Lindsay's rep says she's not engaged. Still, her family better start saving up for airfare, just in case.

• And finally, music producer and TV personality David Gest, who was famously married to Liza Minnelli for a few years in the early/mid-'00s, was found dead in his London hotel room just a few months before he was slated to begin his "David Gest Is Not Dead, But Alive With Soul" tour. (That's not a joke.) He was 62.