Brooke Burns: Once a 'Baywatch' babe, always a 'Baywatch' babe

"Baywatch" alum Brooke Burns may have made the switch from actress to TV host, but that doesn't mean she doesn't reminisce about her days as a slow motion-running, life-saving beach babe.

Burns, who hosts upcoming car design competition show "Motor City Masters" on truTV, spoke to FOX411 about her time on "Baywatch."

"It's such an iconic show," Burns said. "I know that I will be a 96-year-old grandmother and someone's going to say 'former Baywatch babe.'"

Burns says her "Baywatch" co-star David Hasselhoff was always playing pranks on the "newbies" as the show's cast rotated. Burns joined the show in back in 1998, and it was one of her first acting gigs.

"First job getting paid to go to the beach? What's not to love about that," Burns said.

Just don't ask her to put on her classic "Baywatch" uniform again.

"I've outdone the red bathing suit," Burns said. "That was from my 20s."

Along with "Motor City Masters," Burns hosts "The Chase" on Game Show Network. Both shows air on Tuesday nights. "By Wednesday, you'll be completely tired of me," Burns joked.