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    Thankful Nation

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    Ex-Navy SEALS: Military service taught us how fortunate we are to be Americans

    Grateful for the risks my Grandpa Alex took and the gift he gave me (by jumping from a ship)

    Hollywood Legends: Recoveries steeped in gratitude


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    California farm recalls produce used in Costco salad linked to E. coli

    What your body looks like on holiday binge eating

    17 no-diet tricks to keep off holiday weight

    Dr. Manny: The unforeseen danger of letting lawyers decide the fate of a mother and her unborn child


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    One-third of all Americans own a gun, it's time for TSA to stop discriminating

    The Entitlement Cure: How to get over yourself this Thanksgiving

    Ex-Navy SEALS: Military service taught us how fortunate we are to be Americans

    Americans agree with Trump: The illegal immigrants must go

    What to Watch


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    'Good Wife' star Jeffrey Dean Morgan dishes on if show will get steamy

    Jennifer Lawrence is directing a comedy

    Kylie Jenner uncomfortably talks about Tyga on 'Ellen'

    Eagles of Death Metal members caught in Paris attacks say they 'can't wait' to return

    Election 2016

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    DNC deep in debt as RNC builds up $20 million war chest

    Trump called out for appearing to mock disability

    Regional News




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    Dana Perino: My Thanksgiving do's and don'ts for talking politics around the table

    Thanksgiving terror alert: Fear cancer and heart disease, not terrorism

    Aaron Watson: Thankful for my courageous veteran father

    Brain tumor shrinking for 1-year-old kissed by Pope Francis, family says

    Food & Drink

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    KFC's Colonel Sanders to make first appearance in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    Law makes traditional Alaska Native food more available

    McDonald's Japan has a 48-piece McNugget meal that's blowing people's minds

    Sales of bacon, sausage plummet in the UK after WHO warning

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    Former police officer accused of faking shootout, making hoax bomb threat found dead

    Mississippi man faces murder charge after stabbing parents over fast food

    Texas authorities recover possible remains of missing girl, 25 years after her disappearance

    Los Angeles authorities arrest homeless man with cache of firearms


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    Election 2016

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    DNC deep in debt as RNC builds up $20 million war chest


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    Black Friday blackout: Below-cost prices illegal in Wisconsin

    White House

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    Obama makes Thanksgiving Day appeal for acceptance of Syrian refugees


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    DOD says US misidentified target in striking charity's Afghan hospital

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