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    Ailing New York girl, 12, blessed by Pope Francis believes 'the miracle has begun'

    Kids with seasonal affective disorder, depression go largely undiagnosed

    Widower of NYC journalist fighting to raise awareness of brain aneurysms

    4 ways to get slim with your pet

    Real Estate

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    Watch the Sun Go Down From Uncle Kracker's Michigan Mansion

    An Artistic Los Angeles Home With a Dome

    Five uses for a tiny home

    Former Kansas City Royal Mark Teahen Is Selling 'Entertainer's Paradise' in Scottsdale

    Food & Drink

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    Dunkin' Donuts franchisee closing 100 stores

    Why the hype about Virginia wine?

    Dominique Ansel turns life’s firsts into all-dessert tasting menu

    YouTuber creates McFlurry machines, Skittles dispensers and more out of Legos


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    What Obama doesn't understand about Oregon shooter Chris Mercer

    The day Christians were martyred on American soil

    Failure is normal and inevitable: Here are three ways to do it successfully

    My challenge for every parent

    Election 2016

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    Biden suggests GOP and other presidential candidates are 'homophobes'

    With lead dipping in early states, Trump touts overall dominance, unconventional foreign policy

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    Tech Q&A: Speed up your startup, computer security and more

    Stop Facebook targeted ads and tracking

    New glass suspension bridge in China is 980 feet long, 600 feet high, and absolutely terrifying

    Researchers ‘delighted’ with results of iPhone Asthma Health app


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    Air & Space

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    New NASA images show Pluto’s moon Charon in stunning detail

    Digging History

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    Rare photo shows Jesse James with his killer, says forensic artist

    Wild Nature

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    Rare ‘sofa shark’ stuns scientists

    Planet Earth

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    SolarCity will make its most sophisticated rooftop solar panel in the US – not China

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    Lovelorn fan proposes to Keira Knightely during Broadway debut

    Geena Davis, 59, to play 44-year-old Jon Hamm's daughter

    Jim Carrey's ex reportedly committed suicide using pills prescribed to the comedian

    Cindy Crawford's lookalike daughter stuns at Teen Vogue party


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    American flag fight pits Utah woman vs. condo association

    Witnesses say Oregon gunman handed something to student to give to authorities

    Witness: Man who killed Chris Kyle said he did it because 'they wouldn't talk to me'

    Man arrested in murder-for-hire of Dallas pediatric dentist

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