Juan Guaido, recognized by many countries as Venezuela's president, is in Brazil to meet with President Jair Bolsonaro.

Juan Guaido arrived early Thursday in the capital of Brasilia. Later in the day, he is scheduled to meet Bolsonaro, who recognizes Guaido and has taken a hard line against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Guaido is also expected to meet with Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo, leaders of Congress and ambassadors of several countries.

On Tuesday, Guaido met in Colombia with regional diplomats and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence.

Guaido has won recognition as Venezuela's rightful leader from more than 50 nations, including the United States, but has been unable to wrest power from Maduro.

Guaido-led attempts over the weekend to bring humanitarian aid into Venezuela via neighboring Brazil and Colombia failed.