Beer truck overturns in Mexico, spilling cans onto roadway -- and causing rush for free alcohol

A crowd of about 100 appeared at the site of an overturned truck in Mexico – but the draw was not so much curiosity, or even worry for the driver: these people came for the free, midweek beer.

The accident, which occurred Wednesday, sent the beer cans the truck was carrying spilling onto the roadway.

That mess proved too tempting for bystanders, as well as others who were close by, heard about the free beer and decided to grab a cold one, too, according to Mexico News Daily.

Villagers turned into pillagers, carrying away beers while others just opened a can on the spot and chugged, the news site reported.

State and local police did not arrest looters, or try to stop them.

Looters told reporters they felt no guilt since the brewery company likely had insured the cargo.

The accident came on the heels of a similar spill about two days earlier in a different part of Mexico, but with the same result.

Some of the looters carried away crates of wayward beer as federal police tried (and failed) to stop the pillaging, with little success.

Many Mexicans took to social media to criticize the looters, particularly for letting their children get involved.


On the other side of the border, last month, a beer truck crashed on a freeway in Los Angeles, sending Modelo Especial beers out on the road and causing a traffic jam.

“This is one of those circumstances where alcohol is involved,” said CHP Officer Rodrigo Jimenez told KNBC. “The good news is that there are no DUI drivers here and there were no arrests.”