The latest on the stream of refugees and other migrants crossing Europe. All times local:

11:55 a.m.

A spokeswoman for Poland's border guards says 30 Polish guards have left for Slovenia to help tighten its border with Croatia.

Agnieszka Golias told The Associated Press on Thursday that the guards are being sent at Slovenia's request. Together with Slovenian police they will be patrolling the border in the Brezice region, connected by major road and railway routes with Croatia's capital, Zagreb.

Their mission will run through Feb. 4 and their task will be to prevent migrants from making illegal crossings, surveying spots where such crossings occur, and they will support local police in maintaining order in the area.


11:45 a.m.

Norwegian immigration officials say 31,145 people applied for asylum in the country last year, almost three times as many as in 2014.

Presenting the statistics on Thursday, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration said one-third of the asylum-seekers were Syrians. The second biggest group was Afghans, followed by Iraqis and Eritreans.

The agency said just over half of the asylum-seekers were adult men, 15 percent were adult women and 33 percent were minors.

About 5,300 of the minors were unaccompanied, most of them from Afghanistan.

Officials project that up to 60,000 people could apply for asylum in Norway, one of Europe's richest countries, in 2016.

Neighboring Sweden received nearly 163,000 asylum-seekers last year.