Thai police said Thursday they arrested 15 Malaysians trying to smuggle millions of dollars of crystal meth and heroin stashed in luggage on a train bound for Malaysia.

Police said the seizure included 226 kilograms (498 pounds) of crystal meth and 8 kilograms (18 pounds) of heroin. The meth, also known as "ice," has an estimated street value in Thailand exceeding 452 million baht ($13 million), said police Col. Putidej Boonkrapueh. The drugs were destined for Malaysia, where the street price is double, and for other markets, police said.

Police Lt. Gen. Thitiraj Nhongharnpitak called the seizure a "huge bust" at a news conference where the drugs were spread across large tables in a variety of packages, including many wrapped up like children's presents in paper with teddy bears and hearts.

Thitiraj, the commissioner of Thailand's Central Investigation Bureau, said authorities acted on a tip that couriers would attempt to transport a large quantity of drugs by traveling from the Thai capital to Malaysia on Wednesday.

He said the narcotics had come from northern Thailand but declined to discuss other details about the operation.

Northern Thailand is a known trafficking route for drugs coming out of Myanmar, which is Southeast Asia's largest producer of methamphetamines and heroin.