South Florida man shoots at neighbors for feeding stray cats

Warning: Video shows graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers. 

A Florida man is in jail after his frustration with his cat-collecting neighbors turned violent.

José Estrada, 70, became enraged last week after confronting his neighbors across the hall for feeding stray cats.

In an angry argument captured on a cell phone video, the Little Havana man stood at the entrance of his apartment, behind the bars of a security door, yelling across the hall at his neighbors, who were yelling back in a profanity-laced argument in Spanish.

“Remember what I told you I told you in front of the police,” Estrada yelled before pulling a gun.

Ana Perez can be seen stepping out into the hallway and asking, "Are you going to shoot me?"

Estrada shot in the direction of the woman, missing, and she ran back into her apartment and ran upstairs. The neighbor continued firing, shooting a few more times from the doorway and into the neighbors' apartment.

According to NBC Miami, the victims were able to run outside and flag down responding officers. No one was injured in the shooting, though the bullets hit the wall and the television.

"I didn't think he was going to use the gun," Ana Perez told the press. "I thought he was trying to intimidate me, I never thought it was a real gun. He never gave signs of having dementia."

Estrada was charged with attempted felony murder.

According to NBC Miami, Perez has been going outside to feed the stray cats in the neighborhood for about two years. She said the argument with Estrada has been a long-term issue that has involved the police in the past.

Both Estrada and Perez could be evicted from their homes because of this recent incident.

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