Small number of rebels start to leave Syria's Douma

Syrian state media says a faction of rebels besieged in eastern Ghouta has agreed to depart for northern Syria.

The SANA news agency says Faylaq al-Rahman fighters have started to leave the town of Douma for the rebel-held province of Idlib.

Faylaq al-Rahman did not have a major presence in Douma, the last town still held by rebels in the northeast suburbs of Damascus. Douma is controlled by the Army of Islam rebel group, which remains in the town.

Local media activist Ahmad Khansour says Faylaq al-Rahman fighters were pushed into Douma during a recent government offensive that broke rebel lines and cleaved the eastern Ghouta region in three. He says the Faylaq fighters in Douma are following their comrades who evacuated to northern Syria last week.