Shrine slayings: Pakistan interrogating suspects in horrific attack that killed 20

Pakistani police say an anti-terrorism court has given police three days to finish the interrogation of four men suspected in the killing of 20 devotees at a shrine in eastern Punjab province.

The custodian of a local shrine and his accomplices are said to have killed the 20 after intoxicating them amid a dispute over custodianship of the shrine.

Police officer Shamsher Joya says the four appeared before the court on Monday where Judge Zahid Iqbal extended their custody pending the investigation.

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The killings took place in a village near the city of Sargodha. The shrine's custodian, Abdul Waheed, and his four alleged accomplices drugged the 20 men and women on Saturday night at a house near the shrine. The victims were then beaten with batons and repeatedly stabbed.