Russian air disasters of past decade

A look at notable disasters over the past decade involving Russian planes or foreign planes:

— March 19, 2016: A Boeing 737-800 flown by FlyDubai crashes while landing at Rostov-on-Don, killing all 62 aboard.

— Oct. 31, 2015: An onboard bomb destroys a Metrojet airliner soon after taking off from Egypt's Sharm al-Sheikh resort. All 244 people aboard die.

— Nov. 17, 2013: All 50 people aboard a Tatarstan Airlines Boeing 737 are killed when the crew sends the plane into a steep dive while trying to land in Kazan.

— May 10, 2012: A Sukhoi Superjet on a demonstration flight for potential buyers smashes into a volcano in Indonesia with 45 people aboard. There are no survivors.

— April 2, 2012: A UTAir ATR-72 crashes shortly after takeoff from Tyumen; 33 are killed, 10 survive. Poor de-icing of the plane is blamed.

— Sept. 7, 2011: A Yak-42 carrying the Yaroslavl Lokomotiv hockey team crashes soon after takeoff from Yaroslavl, killing all 44 aboard.

— June 20, 2011: Forty-seven people die when a Tu-134 crashes on a highway in heavy fog in heavy fog while trying to land in Petrozavodsk.

— April 10, 2010: A Polish government plane carrying President Lech Kaczynski and 95 others crashes while attempting to land in Smolensk; all die. Warsaw and Moscow continue to dispute whether the crew ignored poor weather conditions or if air-traffic controllers gave poor gudance.

— Sept. 14, 2008: 88 people are killed when a Boeing 737-500 flying from Moscow crashes as it prepares to land in the Russian city of Perm.

— Aug. 24, 2008: a Boeing 737-500 carrying 90 people, including a Kyrgyz high-school sports team, crashes shortly after takeoff near the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek, killing 65.

— Aug. 22, 2006: A Tupolev Tu-154 of Russia's Pulkovo Airlines with about 170 people aboard crashes in Ukraine en route from a Russian resort to St. Petersburg. All on board are killed.

— July 9, 2006: At least 124 people die when an Airbus A-310 of the Russian company S7 skids off the runway in the Siberian city of Irkutsk and bursts into flames.

— May 3, 2006: An A-320 of the Armenian airline Armavia crashes into the Black Sea while trying to land in the Russian resort city of Sochi in rough weather, killing all 113 people aboard.